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Ain't Nothin' as Sweet as 
My Baby

The Story of Hank Williams' Lost Daughter

Jett Williams with Pamela Thomas


This is the story of an adopted child, deceived and robbed of her true and rightful heritage. It tells of her fight to gain recognition as the daughter of County Music's first Superstar. Starved of love and affection, Jett Williams unlocks the secrets of her existence as Hanks little girl, as records and documents, hidden for thirty years are exposed.

The Jett Williams best selling autobiography 'Ain't Nothin' as Sweet as My Baby', tells the story of her struggle to prove her paternity. Antha Belle Jett was born on 6 January 1953, daughter to Bobbie Webb Jett and Hank Williams. Hank Williams sadly died in the back of his Cadillac on 1 January 1953 just five days before his daughter was born. Hank had made provision for her and was taking custody of the child he wanted. Due to the pre-mature death of Hank Williams his mother Lillian, began a two-year effort to adopt the child and died two months after completing the process.

With the death of Hank's mother Jett Williams was to travel many roads. Rejected by the Williams family, she was put out to a foster home at the age of 2 years and later adopted by Wayne and Louese Deupree. It wasn't until the age of 21 that Jett's adoptive mother told her that there was a rumour, she might be the daughter of the legendary Hank Williams.

In the early 80's, Jett made every effort to learn whom her real parents were. Her journey was to uncover deliberate fraud during years of research into her mysterious past. This story tells how the legal system stole from this dead man and his child and reveals the secret family history. Jett Williams also came to know Hank Williams had a complex life and during his last four years was fraught with insurmountable problems. Learn in Jett's words of the last thirteen months of Hanks life, how he lived in great pain, both physical and emotional. What caused his death? Where he died?

A tough cookie who knows where she's at and where she's going, this book tells it all! How the lawyer Keith Adkinson helped Jett gain her inheritance then become her husband. How Jett made a career of her own in country music wearing the white hat and carrying on her father's legend.

Buy this book, read this book, you don't want to miss it!

Ain't Nothin' as Sweet as My Baby can be obtained in the UK from A& R Booksearch  01503 22 246


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