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Janet & John

Still Lovin' the Ride

The Janet McBride Story

by Mary Neal Schutz and Janet McBride


‘Still Lovin’ the Ride’ is the biography of The Yodelin’ Queen Janet McBride who performed with some of country music’s legendary performers in the 1960’s. Born in Maine in 1934, by the time she was 6 years old it was obvious that Janet was born to sing. At 8 years of age Janet discovered the unique sound of yodelling and knew this was the musical trail that she would book coverwalk.

Janet’s life is a heartfelt story filled with hard times, tragic circumstances, happiness and laughter, written by Mary Neal Schutz and Janet McBride. Janet tells of humble beginnings living in Maine, New England where her father worked (amongst other jobs) in a local shoe factory. The family move to California to find a better life and then back to Maine and California once again as expectations didn’t come to realization.

In the mid 1950’s Janet meets and marries sailor Claude McBride to whom she has three children. The good looking Claude turns out to be a womaniser and always looking for the good time, dinking and womanising and 'not' spending enough time raising his family.. Janet leaves the music industry to bring up her children and with Claude’s sudden death from a heart attack Janet Janet with LeAnn Rimes at North Park, Dallas. TX 2nd-May-07finds relief from a poor marriage. True love and a long happy marriage finally comes Janet’s way in the form of Mr John Ingram. Together they go into partnership in the Mesquite Opry theatre and Janet thrives in coaching youngsters in stage craft and of course yodelling. One of those kids that Janet coached was a seven year old LeAnn Rimes, who went on to be a world-wide renowned singing super-star.

Although Janet & John sold the Mesquite Opry theatre, Janet still carries the passion and is involved along with Devon Dawson in the mentoring of boys and girls 17years and under at the Buckaroo Club in the Cowtown Opry, Fort Worth, Texas that meets on the 2nd Sunday of each month. Reading ‘Still Lovin’ the Ride’ you get the feeling that Janet believes this is the reason she was given her great talent…devoting her time and dedication in aiding young performers on the road to stardom.

‘Still Lovin’ the Ride’ is a real life story full of struggle, tragedy, sadness, great effort, fun, happiness and Love!!! I took great pleasure in reading this book during a flight back from the USA. It is a book that you will not want to put down!!!
Graham Lees Nov 2011

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