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Who Wants to Be a 
Country Music Star

Sam Wellington



Who Wants to Be a Country Music Star? A question that many people might answer "I a photo of the author Sam WellingtonDo", but unfortunately never will be!!! The author of this book Sam Wellington was a member of a very successful Nashville based harmony group called The Fabulous Four Guys and gives a little advise to all budding wannabe's. In his book Sam explains a little about "The Right Way - The Wrong Way and the Nashville Way to Launch and Maintain a Music Career!"

From the 1960's onwards The Four Guys were a popular harmony style singing group who drew appeal with a unique sound by blending easy country, western and pop music that drew much broader audiences. The Four Guys regularly toured with artists such as Charlie Pride, Hank Williams jnr, Ferlin Husky, Faron Young, Marty Robbins and Jimmy Dean. In 1967 they became members of the Grand Ole Opry and also appeared on shows hosted by Bob Hope, Willie Nelson, Dinah Shore and Dolly Parton.

Prior to breaking into show business "Big Time", Sam Wellington had a spell in the US Navy, but a career chipping paint on board ship didn't offer any great appeal for him. Academically Sam says that he was not one of the top-ranking students and graduated from High School 92nd out of 96…..the man was far too busy attracting girls by singing in the "hot" high school group called The Jets" (and you can't excel at everything now can you??!!!). Sam started working for 'a small-town newspaper', before moving on to "small-town radio" as news writer and building-up to station manager by the age of 25. Sam says that at the height of his career as a "Broadcasting Whiz Kid" he left to start a highly successful career in Nashville as a fourth of the singing group The Four Guys (Hall Of Fame D.J. Charlie Douglas later tagged them The "Fabulous" Four Guys.) After 32 years as a member of the Grand Ole Opry and singing with the Guys Sam retired in 1999.

In his book Who Wants to Be a Country Music Star? Sam Wellington doesn't set out a the book's front coverdirect plan as to how to become a star in the country music business. There are 35 easy to read short chapters in which he offers a little of his own experience with incite into behind the scenes, or pointers that may or not be so apparent to the up-and-coming next country music superstar (or wannabe). Sometimes amusing, sometimes strictly serious, Sam offers the cold hard facts of the music industry. Though the book is projected towards country music, Wellington's advice doesn't just relate to people who want to break into the country music business, but also links to show business in general and perhaps wider business sense as well. The Four Guys also ran a successful theatre-restaurant The Harmony House in downtown Nashville between 1975-85 and along with their regular busy touring schedule had 51 people on their payroll.

There are little anecdotes about country music stars that Sam looked-up to as his mentor and gained experience from such as Jimmy Dean and Tex Ritter. Of Nashville insiders and movers and shakers working around the vast network of recording, performing and even the legal side of the music business in Music City, USA. There are the dos and don'ts that are a part of everyone's working and social life, which people often forget or overlook when success finally beckons.

Throughout the book Sam has this alter-ego called HOSS that pops-up and adds his own two-pennyworth every now and again. Personally I find HOSS a little too distracting and could happily live without him…perhaps he should be put out to pasture with the rest photo of The Fabulous Four Guysof the retired mules and hoss'es!!!

Even if you are not a budding country music star in waiting and just a fan of the music…Who Wants to Be a Country Music Star? is an interesting read for all and gives us outsiders a greater knowledge of the Nashville music business. It tells a little about the history of Nashville, the Grand Ole Opry and The Nashville Sound. There are a host of interesting photos of historic and important buildings connected to Music City such as ASCAP building, the Ryman, the new Grand Ole Opry House and The Country Music Hall Of Fame and Museum, as well as photos of Tootsies Orchid Lounge, Robert's Western World and the Ernest Tubb Record Shop. I enjoyed reading the book and rarely found time to put it down. Incidentally I notice right at the back of the book in small letters it said "Printed in the United Kingdom by Lightning Source UK Ltd"…even more reason to buy a copy!

So for anyone "Who Wants to Be a Country Music Star?" (and even if you don't) reading Sam's book would be time well spent. It is a good reminder that it's all about showbiz and buddy don't forget…"You're On Show!!!"

"Who Wants to Be a Country Music Star?" can be purchased at Dot-Com outlets such as Barnes & Noble, Borders, Amazon, Books-A-Million and direct from the publishing company AuthorHouse who offer nearly 20% discount when purchased directly from them.



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