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Bill Adams
Memories of
Western Swing Band Leader

Bill Adams

Who passed away Sunday 13th January 2013
after a battle with cancer.



MY wife Marlene and I first met Western swing Band Leader Bill and his lovely wife Naomi when we first attended the Legends Of Western Swing Festival, Wichita Falls in June 2001. We were on our honeymoon and welcomed with open arms by Miss Gloria and the many people attending, including Bill and Nay. We made many long standing friends and Bill taught Marlene how to do the Graham & Bill at the Legends Fetsival 2001Texas Two Step. I interviewed Bill at the festival and this can be accessed from the Articles Page on my website.

Marlene’s thoughts are… “Bill gave me a small silver spur trinket. I look at it and think of Bill. I think of all the things he introduced me to. The first Two Step I did was with him. The elegant tall man in his white Stetson and boots just glided me round the floor with ease. The love and care he took to greet people, he had so many qualities he was a people’s man. I just loved his version of “Faded Love” when I heard him sing it to Miss Gloria at the Legends Festival. We had the best time with Bill and Nay when we stayed at their home and met all their lovely friends. Bill and Nay told me about the Nodding Donkeys in the oil fields.”

In September that year the devastating tragedy of 9/11 took place. That afternoon I emailed a message of condolence for the tragedy that had happened to the American people. Bill took a copy of my message to his local newspaper The Nocona News and it was published on Thursday 20th September. Bill sent me a copy of the newspaper, which I still have today.

We became good friends with Bill and Nay, keeping in touch through email and we met again in 2003 when Marlene and I travelled to Fort Worth for Red Steagall’s Cowboy Gathering. We all watched the Ranch Rodeo in the Coliseum with Nay and Bill explaining some of the aspects of the cutting horses. One of the competitions we enjoyed; Nay explained that the cowboys had to rope a cow Bill with his band on stage at the Legends Festival 2001and extract a sample of milk into a bottle….very entertaining!!!

Bill and Nay offered us the hospitality of their home in Nocona and introduced us to many people, particularly at the local Dairy Queen on the Tuesday when the entire town got together for the evening and burgers were on sale for just 1 single dollar. Bill also arranged for us to tour the local Nocona Boot Factory and the Nokona Ballglove factory that have designed and handcrafted baseball gloves since 1934. A Few days later Bill and Nay took us to a monthly dance for seniors that Bill and his band played for. People travelled a hundred miles or more for this dance and if one of the regulars didn’t turn up without any notice phone calls were made to find out why!!! They had a Jacob’s Table Supper and the fun filled Chair Dance! A chair placed at each side of the room when the ladies formed a line and as the dancers came round the lady dropped out and joined the line and the gentleman took the lady sitting on the chair as his next partner. This way all the ladies got a dance even if they come without a partner.

All good stuff!!! Memories for ever and now Bill has joined his good friend Bobby Boatright and other fantastic musicians to play their music to the stars!

Graham Lees Jan 2013