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My first visit to Texas was in 2001 when I attended the Legends of Western Swing Festival in Wichita Falls, where I Tom Morrellhad the opportunity to see some of the best bands and artists of modern day western swing. In particular, Tom Morrell and the Timewarp Tophands, Bob Wills’ Texas Playboys, for which Leon Rauch and Tommy Allsup owned the name, as well as Jody Nix and The Texas Cowboys and Curtis Potter with the National Swing Band of Texas. Three of the leading musicians playing there who are now classed as monumental western swing legends were sensational fiddle player Bobby Boatright, astonishing guitarist Leon Chambers and of course “Ace” steel player Tom Morrell.  Sadly we have lost these three great musicians over the past few years and this CD is a tribute to those highly talented music makers. Contributions from Leon Rausch, Jody Nix, C. B. Sutton, Curtis Potter, Durwood Strube, Gill Prather and Greg Gibbs on vocals provide an enchanting collection of timeless classics.

Brady Bowen from Jacksboro, Texas has been a trainer of cutting horses for over 30 years with a wide-ranging Bob Boatrightexperience in the cutting horse industry. His first major success in the arena came when Lena Leo War Lady won the NCHA Breeders Cutting in 1990. Since then he has been a finalist multiple times at each of the National Cutting Horse Association’s Triple Crown events and is an AAAA-rated judge. He became a director and a key member of the Judges Rules committee for the National Cutting Horse Association and also accepted the Vice President’s chair.

Trainers in various equine disciplines often say, “What spare time?” when referring to the long hours required to ride customers’ horses. Brady is also an accomplished fiddle player and has surrounded himself with many of the best musicians in western swing. He has released 6 albums which he named “In My Spare Time” plus a tribute album to the highly respected fiddle player Billy Dossier, an ‘Instruments’ CD and this tribute album making it 9 in all.

Leon ChambersOver the years Joe Baker and Howard Higgins have sent me several CDs to play on the Western Hour section of my weekly show The Country Connection. It was from those CDs that I first became aware of Brady Bowen and was instantly drawn to the exemplary musicianship and vocalists included on the albums and are regularly included in my shows. A few years ago I was privileged to meet and see Brady Bowen perform at the Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium at Ruidoso, N.M. where he thrilled the crowds. The tracks on this album were previously recorded in 1994. Piano, twin fiddles have been added as well as all the artists and then the whole album re-mastered. While playing the pre-release copy at home my wife Marlene commented “what a great album and all those lovely songs,” I’m sure that you will also agree; what a great album this is and a wonderful tribute to three stellar musicians!!! I feel blessed and privileged to have known them!

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Graham Lees 2012