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Forest Sun

Just Begun

Jimmy C. Willams

Ride The Trains

The Grascals

Keep on Walkin'

A slick album that canít fail to excite!!! An album of great timeless train songs for the definitive enthusiast 12 tracks merging country music with bluegrass
River Road Boys

Don't Ever Take Our Picture Down

Asleep At The Wheel

Reinventing The Wheel

The Grascals

Long List Of Heartaches

An outstanding collection not to be missed A creative powerhouse of western swing music Another exciting winning formula
Reid Wells & Segovia 1862

Segovia Road

Swing Commanders

Take It Away

Chelsea Beck

Way Out West

A CD offering teasing glimpses of exceptional musical talent Music that is rich in quality making the band top notch above the rest Extremely worthy young up and coming talent
Ray Pillow

Country Class

Karen Taylor-Good

How Many Women

Burrito Deluxe

Disciples Of Truth

Top class from the Grand Ole Opry Lyrically and emotionally direct bulletins from the heart An album takes off like a V8 on rocket fuel
Carin Mari & Pony Express

Old Log Barn

Belinda Gail & Curly Musgrave

Red Rock Moon

Johnny Cash

America V

An exemplary album  from a group of young western singers A great set of duets from two of western music's popular artists An album not to be left out of the record collection
Lovell Sisters Band

When Forever Rolls Around

Sisters Of The Silver Sage

Swingin' & Trail Dreamin'

Porter Wagoner

The Versatile Porter Wagoner

An album rolls along nicely with rich a bluegrass quality An album that is quickly drawing great interest from the western scene and radio Like an old friend singing his songs personally to the individual listener

Show Me

Rod Moag

Ah-Haa! Goes Grass

Willie Nelson

You Don't Know Me

Providing an awesome and unbeatable variety of swing all along the way A wonderful bluegrass interpretation of the best of western swing from Bob Wills A warn and exciting tribute to the legacy of Miss Cindy Walker
Tom Travis

Rootin' For Roots

James Reams, Walter Hensley 

Wild Card

Red Steagall

The Wind, The Wire and The Rail

An exciting album from a great team of engaging and highly efficient pickers A top-rate album of bluegrass music Songs about cattlemen, wildmills, barbed wire and the railways out on the western plains
Lonnie Dean & Will Taylor

Texas Honky Tonk Shuffles


Hick Jazz

Chris While Julie Matthews

Here and Now

Stone-cold authentic honky tonk and traditional country music Itíll knock your hat off and is sure to make your spurs jingle-jangle-jingle!!! Achingly delicate, clearly a labour of love!!!
Tom T Hall

In Search of A Song /The Rhymer And Other Five And Dimers

Lisa O'Kane

Peace Of Mind

The Haley Sisters

To Be With You Tonight

Some wonderful songs that need to be experienced A second release...surely catching the attention of even more fans Offers a never-ending supply of bright glittering gems that needs to be savoured one by one.
Clive John

Another Day

Gerry Ford

Family Bible

Tom Travis

A Pick Of The Bunch

Heart-felt songs that will draw an array of differing emotions from the deepest chasms of your soul Hop aboard the Glory Train and travel the rocky road of emotional soul searching songs A worthy album for all bluegrass lovers from one Britain's top pickers
Roger Miller

Platinum & Gold Collection

Eddy Arnold

Ultimate Eddy Arnold

Jody Nix

Sing Me Something I Can Swing To

This is a marvellous collection of Roger Miller's early recording career Eddy Arnold still sits at the top of the tree in country music A bewitching album with fiddle and steel working overtime 
Wallace Family

Texas Serenade

Joe Paul Nichols


The Bar Room Boys

Live At The Bridge

Undeniably refreshing to hear music of this high quality coming from such young people  A richly textured album full of the traditions of what country music has long stood for An album destined to reach the dizzying heights of the top shelf

Sons Of The San Joaquin

15 Years - A Retrospective

Tom Travis Bluegrass Incident

A Small Patch Of Blue

Sisters of the Silver Sage

(self titled)

An exemplary collection of 15 years of time-honoured cowboy music Some of Britain's finest hot pickers and an album that stands clearly in the limelight An old style of music in its purest form
Billy Jo Spears

2 on 1

The Quebe Sisters

Texas Fiddlers

Anne J. Morton

The Swing Of Things

A step back to 1969 and 1972 with Mr Walker, It's All Over/Just Singin' A  taste of old fashioned down home back porch warmth Wonderful Western Swing with a Big Band Sound